What Makes a Good Driver?

Self Discipline

The last trait essential to be a superb driver when driving around Billingham is self discipline. It is easy to drive by our own rules when we are driving a motor vehicle on our own. Driving too fast is one of the most frequent ones. Numerous drivers think that speed limits don’t apply to them or that 20 is a minimum speed not a maximum speed limit. The motorist who parks on the pavement with no thought of fathers with push chairs.

Those motorists who decide to park illegally close to zebra crossings. Undertaking on the motorway. Think to yourself, if a policeman was behind you, do you think you would drive the same way?

It might seem that attitude and self discipline are the same. You should have good attitude but you should also have self discipline to drive a car in the right way constantly. Just imagine you might be late for an interview, are you going to still drive correctly, safely and legally or are you going to break the rules.

Self discipline can really encourage you to drive properly at all times. Some motorists who drive a large number of miles per year, more miles than most, really feel, sometimes
mistakenly, they are good drivers. People who regard themselves as professional drivers; chauffeurs, van drivers, taxi drivers and even driving instructors occasionally and incorrectly believe simply because they’re “professional” drivers that they have to be in some way superior than other people on the road. In some cases the opposite applies. Lots of people who drive around the entire day especially individuals who drive long, uninteresting routes along motorways and dual carriageways often use their own vehicles as his or her office. Making calls with no hands free, sending text messages, messing with the satellite navigation and even reading paperwork.

Hence the very next time that you’re motoring throughout the roads of Billingham endeavor to look at self discipline.


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