Speeding Drivers, Who Dodge Fines, Face Jail

The police force are actually taking to court a lot of people who unlawfully take the blame for speeding tickets. These people do it since they incorrectly believe it to be a insignificant criminal offense. However it makes it possible for unsafe motorists to avert being banned from driving, therefore the people aiding speeding drivers could very well face going to prison.

In one case, one person was sent to jail for six years after he helped 650 drivers to avoid fines. The man formed a part of a gang whom assist motorists from getting away with fines and penalty points. Around 5 gangs have been prosecuted within the past two year period. The police is imprisoning the driver and his or her accomplice.

That crime seems to be rising fast. Police have informed people who they can expect going to jail as opposed to receiving penalty and incurring a three penalty points on his or her licence. When a motor vehicle is captured on camera jumping red traffic lights or exceeding the speed limit, a letter is sent to the registered owner asking them which person was driving the vehicle at that time. The vehicle owner either lies to the police by naming somebody else as the person driving the vehicle or the paperwork is transferred onto gangs, at a fee, who use fictitious names and addresses.

The criminals are perfectly aware that the police have only a couple of months to do something so therefore the criminals delay the whole process. Another difficulty facing the police is a lack of resources to check into each case.

A taxi driver, who had previously been caught on camera himself for speeding, was told by a colleague how to avoid the fine. The cabbie then began repeating this for other speeders and in excess of a 7 year period he aided in excess of 145 individuals avoid fines at a charge of about £200 per person. The taxi driver was eventually prosecuted by the the authorities and imprisoned for about 16 months. The cab driver said that he still receives phone calls asking him to help them with their speeding tickets that he will no longer do.

Together with a brand new database and front facing speed cameras these criminal act is going to be more difficult to do.So keep in mind when you’re cruising around the roads that speeding doesn’t only carry strict fines it may endanger people’s lives.

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