School Boy Drives The School Bus to Safety

A 13 year old student in The US quickly grabbed the steering wheel of a school bus when the coach driver lost consciousness when travelling to school. The young man was heralded for his quick thinking in steering the school bus to safety and therefore safeguarding fifteen school mates.

The bus driver started to struggle for air with a believed heart attack and began fanatically waving his arms in the air as he started to lose control of the bus. The pupil, understanding that something was wrong, instantly jumped out off his seat near the front of the bus and quickly grabbed the wheel and guided the coach to the road side before turning off the ignition. The teenage school kid was recognized by Milton police for his speedy thinking and announced that he carried out precisely the proper action. He continued that “the school kid ought to get 100 % praise for his actions”.

Police were advised regarding a bus drifting around town at around 8:10am. However when the emergency services got there, the coach was parked up at the side of the road. The school bus stopped just next to Discovery Primary School which is right by Surprise Lake School where the pupils were going to.

The teenager later proclaimed that it had been all very frightening and he just acted on instinct, grabbing the wheel and steering the coach to safety. Everything occurred very fast. Every school child is educated in emergency situations on the school bus such as ways to de-activate the school bus.

A school teacher, who had been behind the coach, ran on once it had stopped to administer CPR to the coach driver. At this point one of the students had already called the emergency services.

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