Camera in Your Vehicles

A new “spy in the car” camera is effective in reducing the quantity of accidents by 20 percent which should save many young lives and might well reduce the cost of vehicle insurance for young car owners. Great news for drivers in and around Billingham.

One insurance company considered over 13,500 young car drivers who enrolled in the fitting of a “blackbox”. The company found that the under 25 year old drivers were 20 percent less likely to be involved in an accident. Furthermore any crashes were normally a lot less serious.

The investigation will raise the argument of those that say that installing satellite trackers is designed to minimize crash rates as well as high priced, under 25 year old, individuals insurance policy.

The smartbox records; speeds, acceleration, braking and cornering. In addition, it records the period of time when the car is driven because so many injuries regarding under 25 year old motorists happens late into the evening.

The information is then studied and individuals are provided a scoring figure of 1-5 with 5 being the greatest. Every ninety days the figures are assessed and changes are made to the cost of insurance the inexperienced young motorists must pay. The best motorists then have a lessening on their own vehicle insurance and the lowest scoring young drivers looking at a 20% or so raise.

The data is also made available to motorists through having the ability to sign in to a internet site. Many drivers are able to see a decrease in premiums by on average of 41%. The common cost of next years insurance currently being £810.

The thing preventing this plan from being seen as standard is that a number of the largest insurance providers have not totally embrassed the scheme. Two of the largest businesses have in earlier times tried using the boxes but presently don’t provide you with the insurance policy.

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