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Driving lessons and intensive driving courses in Billingham. Courses provided by a local driving school with a fully qualified instructor in and around Billingham and the surrounding areas.

James Lyn School of Motoring are a small, well established family run driving school with much teaching experience. We provide intensive driving lessons in and around the Billingham area. We also cover Norton, Stockton on Tees, Hartlepool, Hardwick, Fairfield, Portrack, Middlesbrough, Acklam, Guisborough, Redcar, Grindon, Carlton, Bishopton, Redmarshall, Preston, Linthorpe, Marton, Hemlington, Coulby Newham, Nunthorpe, Ormesby, North Ormesby, Normanby, Eston, Grangetown, South Bank, Cargo Fleet, Port Clarence and Cowpen.
A lot of our business is through recommendations. We have a very high, first time pass rate with most pupils passing on very few minors. We will also book your practical driving test for you. We are currently have a June and July special offer for new pupils.
We firmly believe that a good learning environment is very important and work hard to provide a driving instructor who is warm, relaxed, friendly, patient and often humorous.
Although we specialise in intensive courses – we also offer hourly lessons – two hourly lessons – block bookings – pass plus and refresher courses.
As each pupil is an individual we adapt – teaching style, and instruction to ensure that manoeuvres are easy to grasp and lessons stress free.
As the qualities of honesty and integrity are important to us we will quickly get pupils on the road – and only give the required amount of lessons individually needed to get to test standard.
We specialise in intensive courses over one – two or three weeks. These are ideal for pupils who learn quickly and want to complete their instruction and pass their test in a short space of time.
We also welcome nervous pupils and those advanced in age.

Safe Driving

We believe safety is paramount – so our pupils are not taught to simply pass the driving test. Instruction also includes explanations of why the driving test requires the pupil to carry out driving or manoeuvres in a certain manner.

Eco Friendly Driving

Instructions and explanations are given on how to drive economically which saves on money and repairs.

Driving Lessons

For those not suited or not interested in an intensive course we offer lessons on an hourly or two hourly basis. We also offer block bookings and refresher courses.

Motorway Instruction

We also offer tuition in motorway driving for new learners who are not eligible for pass plus.

Theory and Hazard Perception

We offer hazard perception and theory training and retail books and CD’s for home Study and practice.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available on request. They are ideal for that special present.


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578,000 Miles of Driving Throughout 48 Years

An elderly woman from the United States drove her automobile for one last time after motoring for over 48 years and driving more than 578,000 miles. The 93 year old woman parked her treasured “Chariot” for the last time which has held up by way of 18 new electric batteries and 3 marriage breakdowns.

Rachel Veitch purchased the Mercury Comet Caliente in 1966 for $3,295 and voluntarily made a decision to give up driving her car because she’s now registered blind. She asserted that she had no ideas of driving a car any more.

She had a lot of dedication to the Mercury Comet that each time she filled up with fuel that she wrote down the recorded miles and the date and determined how many miles per gallon she got. She boasts to not be a damaging woman and has always cared for anything she bought.

The woman has no promises to passing on the car to her family knowing that her four children, 9 grandchildren and 12 great grand children would not cherish the car like she did. As an alternative she wants to sell it off right after it appears in a vintage motor vehicle display later this year.

She does nevertheless consider selling to TV star Jay Leno who is a vintage vehicle fan. The woman has never spoken with the star but has questioned if he’d like to buy it.

Motorist Irv Gordon holds the world record for the most miles driven in a 1966 Volvo P1800 which by 1998 had travelled 1.69 million miles. Some believe now that he has journeyed approximately 2.8 million miles in the same car.

James Lyn School of Motoring provide driving lessons in Billingham and the surrounding areas.

School Boy Drives The School Bus to Safety

A 13 year old student in The US quickly grabbed the steering wheel of a school bus when the coach driver lost consciousness when travelling to school. The young man was heralded for his quick thinking in steering the school bus to safety and therefore safeguarding fifteen school mates.

The bus driver started to struggle for air with a believed heart attack and began fanatically waving his arms in the air as he started to lose control of the bus. The pupil, understanding that something was wrong, instantly jumped out off his seat near the front of the bus and quickly grabbed the wheel and guided the coach to the road side before turning off the ignition. The teenage school kid was recognized by Milton police for his speedy thinking and announced that he carried out precisely the proper action. He continued that “the school kid ought to get 100 % praise for his actions”.

Police were advised regarding a bus drifting around town at around 8:10am. However when the emergency services got there, the coach was parked up at the side of the road. The school bus stopped just next to Discovery Primary School which is right by Surprise Lake School where the pupils were going to.

The teenager later proclaimed that it had been all very frightening and he just acted on instinct, grabbing the wheel and steering the coach to safety. Everything occurred very fast. Every school child is educated in emergency situations on the school bus such as ways to de-activate the school bus.

A school teacher, who had been behind the coach, ran on once it had stopped to administer CPR to the coach driver. At this point one of the students had already called the emergency services.

James Lyn School of Motoring in Billingham and the surrounding areas.

Fuel hits a record high of 140p a litre

Just 2 days following the Chancellors decline to stop a petrol and diesel duty rise, and five months in advance of it, fuel prices are the highest they have ever been. The cost of petrol has for the very first time topped £1.40 per litre – it now stands at 140.20p per litre – while diesel is peaked at a record 146.72p per litre.

Driving organisations were annoyed with the rising cost of driving and panic that by the end of summer the average price will likely have gone up additionally to 150p a litre, a rise greater than 12 per cent since the beginning of the year.

In the past three weeks alone petrol and diesel costs have, according to the AA, that unveiled the stats, increased 2.85 p per litre. At the beginning of the year the regular price of petrol was about 132.22p per litre.

The outcomes from the cost hikes comprise additional problems on budgets for families, who are without a doubt under burden, and the likely knock-on effect of price rises for a selection of other products as suppliers endeavour to deal with greater transport expenses.

On Monday the UK government resisted pressure to decrease or postpone August’s scheduled petrol and diesel duty price increase of four pence.

A spokesman for the RAC said: “A cost of £1.40 a litre is a considerable cost for people to need to pay and at this time there is not an end in sight to rising petrol and diesel prices. The way everything is going the projected duty rise will see average petrol prices reach £1.50-a-litre level, that can push ever more people, who need cars, off the road.

James Lyn School of Motoring provide intensive driving lessons in Billingham and the surrounding areas.

Private Road Networks – Friend or Foe

So how would you want to buy a road? The excellent and circular M25 might suit or perhaps the much longer M4 is a lot more desirable. In either case the government has announced they are deciding on selling off the big motorways in the country to private companies. That news has been greeted with mixed reactions. How do the government put up for sale something which does not belong to them? Didn’t we paid for these roadways already with with our Vehicle Excise Duty?

Previously the original road tax was known as Road Fund Licence and originated at the turn of the 20th century by David Lloyd George as a means of increasing income especially for Great British roads. Nowadays the road tax is referred to as Vehicle Excise Duty.

Similar to National Insurance, that was established to pay for pensions and welfare, the finances raised through Vehicle Excise Duty became a different way of bringing in taxes for other things. One estimate claims that approximately £41 billion is brought in year after year by road tax and yet only about £12 billion is really invested on the new roads and maintenance.

The only way drivers might be persuaded to say yes to selling off the motorway network or pay-as-you-go lanes is a reduction of road tax. The commercial reasons behind the sale may perhaps be justified as a way to assist the economy. Even so the political reasons will be tough to take in.

An investigation in 2010 professed that the British Government can raise up to £105 billion. Road companies would compete with each other to run and in addition maintain the road network. One variation of the program could see the british government maintaining the roads with one other, controversial, plan using tolls.

James Lyn School of Motoring provide intensive driving lessons in Billingham and the surrounding areas.

Camera in Your Vehicles

A new “spy in the car” camera is effective in reducing the quantity of accidents by 20 percent which should save many young lives and might well reduce the cost of vehicle insurance for young car owners. Great news for drivers in and around Billingham.

One insurance company considered over 13,500 young car drivers who enrolled in the fitting of a “blackbox”. The company found that the under 25 year old drivers were 20 percent less likely to be involved in an accident. Furthermore any crashes were normally a lot less serious.

The investigation will raise the argument of those that say that installing satellite trackers is designed to minimize crash rates as well as high priced, under 25 year old, individuals insurance policy.

The smartbox records; speeds, acceleration, braking and cornering. In addition, it records the period of time when the car is driven because so many injuries regarding under 25 year old motorists happens late into the evening.

The information is then studied and individuals are provided a scoring figure of 1-5 with 5 being the greatest. Every ninety days the figures are assessed and changes are made to the cost of insurance the inexperienced young motorists must pay. The best motorists then have a lessening on their own vehicle insurance and the lowest scoring young drivers looking at a 20% or so raise.

The data is also made available to motorists through having the ability to sign in to a internet site. Many drivers are able to see a decrease in premiums by on average of 41%. The common cost of next years insurance currently being £810.

The thing preventing this plan from being seen as standard is that a number of the largest insurance providers have not totally embrassed the scheme. Two of the largest businesses have in earlier times tried using the boxes but presently don’t provide you with the insurance policy.

James Lyn School of Motoring provides an experienced driving school in Billingham and the surrounding areas.

Speeding Drivers, Who Dodge Fines, Face Jail

The police force are actually taking to court a lot of people who unlawfully take the blame for speeding tickets. These people do it since they incorrectly believe it to be a insignificant criminal offense. However it makes it possible for unsafe motorists to avert being banned from driving, therefore the people aiding speeding drivers could very well face going to prison.

In one case, one person was sent to jail for six years after he helped 650 drivers to avoid fines. The man formed a part of a gang whom assist motorists from getting away with fines and penalty points. Around 5 gangs have been prosecuted within the past two year period. The police is imprisoning the driver and his or her accomplice.

That crime seems to be rising fast. Police have informed people who they can expect going to jail as opposed to receiving penalty and incurring a three penalty points on his or her licence. When a motor vehicle is captured on camera jumping red traffic lights or exceeding the speed limit, a letter is sent to the registered owner asking them which person was driving the vehicle at that time. The vehicle owner either lies to the police by naming somebody else as the person driving the vehicle or the paperwork is transferred onto gangs, at a fee, who use fictitious names and addresses.

The criminals are perfectly aware that the police have only a couple of months to do something so therefore the criminals delay the whole process. Another difficulty facing the police is a lack of resources to check into each case.

A taxi driver, who had previously been caught on camera himself for speeding, was told by a colleague how to avoid the fine. The cabbie then began repeating this for other speeders and in excess of a 7 year period he aided in excess of 145 individuals avoid fines at a charge of about £200 per person. The taxi driver was eventually prosecuted by the the authorities and imprisoned for about 16 months. The cab driver said that he still receives phone calls asking him to help them with their speeding tickets that he will no longer do.

Together with a brand new database and front facing speed cameras these criminal act is going to be more difficult to do.So keep in mind when you’re cruising around the roads that speeding doesn’t only carry strict fines it may endanger people’s lives.

James Lyn School of Motoring provide driving lessons in Billingham and the surrounding areas.

Motorists Are Bypassing The Midlands M6 Toll Road

Road users who have been averse to the privatising of several of the UK’s major roads think about the recent pay-as-you-go road developed around the M6.

The pay-as-you-go road in the Midlands was built in 2003. Around less than 50% the number of cars that it was created for use it. When the road first opened it cost motorists £2 to use that particular road. The latest rise occurred in January and currently is £5.50 for cars and £11 for lorries.

There have been 9 price rises in 8 years. Nearby small businesses say that it is actually deterring people from utilising the 26 mile section of motorway. The private motorway company say that the low amount of cars and lorries is totally because of the economic issues and believe numbers will increase as soon as the economy increases.

It had been planned that 70,000 vehicles each day were going to use the road. At its peek at about mid 2000′s about 51,000 made use of the road. The figure had reduced back to approximately 41,000 in 2010 and 43,000 in 2011.

The toll road is managed by Midland Expressway Limited who run, repair, and developed the section of motorway. The firms long term contract runs until 2053. After that period the section of road is going to be transferred over to government management.

A recent survey among local firms in the region area demonstrated that, of 97 firms asked, 76 percent declined to make use of the road as a result of significant price.

For a great number of people they regarded that this toll road could not offer a good economical choice to using the very crowded M6. The pay-as-you-go road seems not to have worked for car and lorry drivers and the local people and there is not any reason to imagine it could operate anywhere else. On the other hand there are many who believe the toll road does signify great economic value.
James Lyn School of Motoring provide driving lessons in Billingham and the surrounding areas.

Ban The High Heels Behind the Wheel

Motoring organisations wish to put a stop to females that don high heels while behind the wheel of a car. The charity for motoring safety “Brake” is arguing for a new ban on platforms, wedges and stilettos. I wonder how this would be recieved on driving lessons with my female students on lessons around Billingham?

The charity revealed that the trend of donning very high heels might lead to serious road accidents and suggested to drivers to stop the fashion. There’s a concern that numerous female drivers have no regard for their own lives and the lives of other motorists. Driving a vehicle is one thing that has got to be taken very seriously.

A survey found that around 36% of ladies drive in high heel shoes. What’s more, it found out that around 38% of women motorists like to drive whilst wearing flip flops with 17% choosing to drive their bare feet. 20 Percent stated that they’re happy to drive in their house slippers and only 36% stated that they only drive in good footwear.

It is not merely women who are required to think about their driving attire. 18% of male drivers are happy to drive in bear feet, 12 Percent in slippers and 26% of them drive in flip flops. Fantastic news though is 52 Percent declare that they always don practical shoes.

It is encouraged that you should keep a pair of good driving shoes in the boot of the car all of the time. If you would not put on a certain kind of shoe on your driving test then you shouldn’t wear it for your normal driving.

Much more amazing is the fact 12% of women drivers drive even while applying their make-up and 16 Percent of males shave when motoring. It’s very simple to treat your vehicle as your rest room but bear in mind it takes merely one lapse in awareness for an accident to happen.

James Lyn School of Motoring provide driving lessons in Billingham and the surrounding areas.

What Makes a Good Driver?

Self Discipline

The last trait essential to be a superb driver when driving around Billingham is self discipline. It is easy to drive by our own rules when we are driving a motor vehicle on our own. Driving too fast is one of the most frequent ones. Numerous drivers think that speed limits don’t apply to them or that 20 is a minimum speed not a maximum speed limit. The motorist who parks on the pavement with no thought of fathers with push chairs.

Those motorists who decide to park illegally close to zebra crossings. Undertaking on the motorway. Think to yourself, if a policeman was behind you, do you think you would drive the same way?

It might seem that attitude and self discipline are the same. You should have good attitude but you should also have self discipline to drive a car in the right way constantly. Just imagine you might be late for an interview, are you going to still drive correctly, safely and legally or are you going to break the rules.

Self discipline can really encourage you to drive properly at all times. Some motorists who drive a large number of miles per year, more miles than most, really feel, sometimes
mistakenly, they are good drivers. People who regard themselves as professional drivers; chauffeurs, van drivers, taxi drivers and even driving instructors occasionally and incorrectly believe simply because they’re “professional” drivers that they have to be in some way superior than other people on the road. In some cases the opposite applies. Lots of people who drive around the entire day especially individuals who drive long, uninteresting routes along motorways and dual carriageways often use their own vehicles as his or her office. Making calls with no hands free, sending text messages, messing with the satellite navigation and even reading paperwork.

Hence the very next time that you’re motoring throughout the roads of Billingham endeavor to look at self discipline.

Lessen Your Vehicle Insurance by Having an In-Car Camera

A completely new camera is around that is intended for your car and help reduce your motoring costs while driving around Billingham. This amazing brand new camera notes anything that takes place while driving a car and keeps knowledge about any journey that a motorist has taken. The unit has been created for new young drivers in order to go to any insurance company and show that they can drive correctly and even more importantly safely. The typical insurance cost for any motorist under 25 is a immense £2,300.

The equipment is in effect your very own eye witness and will confirm why any accidents have came about. The product is incredibly dependable and should go a long way to realize who was liable for any mishaps which may arise. That in turn will make it much simpler for any pay out, police investigations and insurance claims.

Yet another benefit of having the camera fixed is it will determine if the car has been taken and will eventually make it possible to identify the crook and take the right action.

One question raised is whether the device can document a break in. Simply put will it record despite the fact that the motor is not running. If this can record with the motor off, it will help put an individual behind bars and assist to uncover what has been robbed.

The surveillance cameras cost close to £330. Considering the enormous price of insurance coverage, the expense of the digital camera only increases the hefty expenses. The buying price of the digital camera also includes a high viz coat, a red warning triangle and a hazard warning light. All these extras are something that all motorists ought to have but not many do. There would also be an expense to put in the high definition camera in your motorcar and is built to never be an an obstruction to the driver.

The digital camera really should be seen as an investment. After it is fitted in the car it will stay there all through the ownership of the vehicle. Therefore during the period of ownership the price paid for it will end up as a minimal annual fee. In addition to that saving on motor insurance, the digital camera can become a superb money saver to drivers in and around Billingham.

What Makes a Good Driver?


So we’re progressing on with our list of “what makes a good driver?” The lessons with an instructor around Billingham are available in the form of a guide to give you the basic talents essential to drive by yourself. Bear in mind it will require a number of years and lots of thousands of hours, prior to considering yourself a really good driver.

Whenever we speak about knowledge we have been talking about the highway code. Pupils taking driving lessons and people who have passed their test in the last 12 months can have a good comprehension of the highway code. The highway code is in fact an element for the theory driving test. On the other hand think about those who have passed their driving test 20, 30, 40 or more years ago. Not only does the highway code changes every so often but additionally, can someone really remember all they learned all those years ago? Do you possess an up to date version of the highway code? If not go and buy one straight away.

Lets see how much of the Highway Code you could recall.

  • What’s the difference between a warning sign and an order sign?
  • Which are the 4 colours used on the motorway studs and what do they all mean?
  • What should a road user do should they see something serious drop from a lorry or indeed their own vehicle?
  • How should you re-join a motorway or dual carriageway after your vehicle broke down on the hard shoulder and subsequently been fixed?

Why not ask your driving instructor next time that you’re driving around Billingham about any kind of queries to do with the highway code in case you don’t understand something. Driving lessons aren’t simply about passing a driving test but additionally about your knowledge of the rules of driving.

Learners on Britain’s Motorways

Learners on motorways is an activity which has been debated for years. The change in the laws may come into effect later this summer and will help to fix the problem of pupils who have recently passed, driving on Britain’s fastest roads without any instruction.

Within blueprints declared by the Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning, it will be entirely possible for students to undertake motorway instruction if accompanied by a fully qualified driving instructor.

The minister for road safety gave as an example his daughter who in a few minutes of passing her driving test could have driven immediately onto the motorway if she desired.

The modification in the law won’t be compulsory due to the fact that some pupils are at out of the way locations and will find it unrealistic to drive to a motorway for coaching.

According to the Department for Transport over 80 drivers under 21 years old were fatally injured in accidents on the motorway between 2006 and 2010.

Concerns are mentioned that we are coaching learner drivers how to complete a driving test and not really preparing them for years to come spent as a driver.

The minister was responsible for prohibiting the publishing of test routes and answers to theory questions. Individuals taking their theory test are now asked to think more individually.

In another change the Minister for road safety wants to ban unqualified driving instructors from supplying lessons to individuals unless the partly qualified driving instructors themselves are being watched by a qualified instructor. Some learner drivers have no notion that their instructor may indeed be a trainee instructor.

Mr Penning said he desired to stop trainee instructors from teaching pupils until they are properly qualified. Several of those trainees never pass their tests and don’t become fully qualified and yet we allow them to train learner drivers.

The brand new initiatives have already been welcomed. However it will be interesting to observe the aspects of how this can come into force. Countless students express the idea of driving on the motorway a real problem and that coaching from a fully qualified instructor would assist.

The strategies have also been promoted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists who believe motorway driving tuition is very important.

Motorways are in fact our safest roads. However, without the proper coaching and supervision they can be lethal.

What Makes a Good Driver?


Next in the series of what makes a good driver is “Attitude”. We have already seen some of the requirements needed but without the right attitude you will never be able to drive safely. James Lyn School of Motoring will show you how to drive safely and how to have the right attitude not just for your test but for the rest of your life.

Anyone can pass a driving test. You can turn it on to impress the examiner. However will you continue to drive sensibly when there is no next to you telling you what to do when driving around the streets of Billingham? Will you keep doing all the things that your instructor taught you like “Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre”?

It is unfortunate that the examiner or your instructor can not measure a pupil’s attitude. What I wouldn’t give to have a devise that could tell me the drivers who will become “boy racers” once they pass. In fact the pupils who find it easy to pass their test are the ones who are more likely to be involved in an accident. They feel that they are superior to other drivers because they passed first time with only half the number of hours that most people take. Those drivers are more likely to drive fast, take more risks and cut corners.

As an instructor you constantly hear about former pupils who have decided to drive badly after they passed. I can almost guarantee that every one of those drivers will at some time in the lives crash. What’s more they will always have an excuse for the accident; it was the other drivers fault, there was black ice on the road or that kid ran in front of my car. Yes there are times when things are out of our control and even the best driver in the world can have accidents. However you increase your chances of an accident by not having the right attitude.

So when you’re driving round the streets of Billingham just remember that it takes many years of experience before you can say that you are a good driver. It will not happen overnight. Just because you have passed your test don’t feel that you can drive like Lewis Hamilton.

For driving lessons Billingham please contact us at any time.

What Makes a Good Driver?


Our next subject in “What makes a good driver?” is the need for “skill”. James Lyn School of Motoring teach the skills needed to enable a driver to become more skilful.
One way to put less wear and tear on the car is the ability to change gears smoothly and efficiently. It will also make for a much smoother ride.
Whilst braking, accelerating and cornering you will surely not want your passengers to be thrown all over the place and indeed you would want them to enjoy the ride. This may be alright to do when you first learning to drive as you are still mastering the skills needed to drive. However by the time you are at test standard everything should be smooth
Imagine you are a chauffeur driving a VIP about. Imagine how they would like to be driven. Try practicing stopping and then moving off and try to do it so that you can hardly feel the car moving. The try to do the same while cornering. Think about your position on the road as you enter the corner and the speed of your car. That doesn’t mean that you must take each corner of bend at 2 miles per hour. What it does mean is that you get the balance right. This is only possible once you have got to grips with all the controls. We have all seen cars that have crashed. It is very rarely the cars fault. Normally it’s the driver to blame for not having the required skills to drive safely.
These skills are hard to gain and will not happen overnight. It may take you many years to gain them. Sadly for some people they will never possess them.

James Lyn School of Motoring offer driving lessons in Billingham at an affordable price.

James Lyn School of Motoring will instruct you in the way of possessing those skills. We don’t want you simply pass your test we want you to become a skilled and competent driver. We provide driving lessons in and around Billingham area including; Eston, Preston, South Bank, Cargo Fleet, Port Linthorpe, Clarence, Marton, North Ormesby, Hemlington, Grangetown, Coulby Newham, Nunthorpe, Ormesby, Normanby and Cowpen.

Zebra Crossings – Friend or Foe

Britain’s zebra crossings are 60 years old but, just like the zebra itself, they are under severe danger of dying out.

The first appeared in Slough, in the county of Berkshire, in 1951. However, around one thousand have been taken out within the last few 5yrs.

Some zebras have been superceded by more superior alternatives with flashing signs and lights.

The sheer numbers of deaths on the crossings has more than doubled since 2007, in part due to growing reluctance of drivers to stop at zebra crossings.

‘Zebras are regarded as second-rate to other pedestrian crossings as there is no red light informing cars that it’s time to stop,’ said a spokesperson of road safety at the AA.

‘In some UK towns, there’s pressure from people for councils to install pelican crossings as residents believe they are more safe, so zebras are being replaced.’

Authorities brought in the crossings since the number of accidents on our streets was growing. Authorities swapped crossings lined with shiny metal studs on the street, which were difficult for drivers to see.

A multitude of different colours were considered, including yellow and blue as well as red and white stripes.

Finally black and white was ultimately found to possess the best visible effect. MP Jim Callaghan, who eventually became prime minister, was the first person to see the similarity to the zebra, and the rest as they say is history. However, the sheer numbers of deaths was still high and the panda crossing, came into being in 1962.

A zebra crossing costs around £10,000, while the traffic light crossings, that can be operated in part by the pedestrians, are around £35,000.

Five pedestrians died on zebra crossings in the past year, and 144 were seriously hurt, in comparison to only three deaths in 2006.

One factor is that charges for road users failing to come to a stop at the zebra crossings are less expensive in Britain than elsewhere in Europe. Throughout The UK drivers can expect a £60 penalty and three points, whereas the highest fee in Belgium could be £2,000.

One of the most famous zebra crossings is situated at Abbey Road in west London – used on the 1969 Beatles album called “Abbey Road”.

James Lyn School of Motoring offer driving lessons in Billingham at an affordable price.

What Makes Some Drivers Great?

Anticipation – Defensive Driving

Next in our series of “What Makes Some Drivers Great” is anticipation. When you start your driving lessons in and around Billingham, your instructor will highlight the potential hazards and get you to think about what might happen next.
Anticipation is the ability to read and be aware of the things that are happening around you. This in turn will lead to defensive driving, which is another important quality in any driver. Imagine if you drove with your eyes closed, are you going to be able to anticipate anything? “No”, is the answer that comes back to you. This goes to show that if you only look as further as the end of your bonnet you, you will not be able to anticipate the potential dangers around you. To be able to read the road around you it is important to keep changing where you look and not to be fixated with the tarmac or the boot of the car ahead of you. By doing this you are more likely to be able to anticipate what may happen ahead or around you and therefore allow you to start to react a little bit sooner than the next driver.
Defensive driving is the ability to second guess what might happen and as a result drive more cautiously. You will also become a smoother driver by reacting to things much earlier sometimes 1 mile ahead and hence will not have the need for harsh breaking. Over many years of driving you will see thousands of clues as to what might happen; kids kicking a football on the pavement, what do you think is likely to happen next? A pair of feet behind a car or van. An ice cream van parked at the side of the road. A dog not on a lead. In fact there are so many potential clues that it will be impossible to list them all here. It has been said that experienced drivers react 2 seconds quicker than inexperienced drivers. That’s because with many years of experience you can often guess what may happen next, when you see these clues and as a result you may already start to slow down in anticipation of the potential hazard.
Consider an inexperienced driver who is approaching a zebra crossing. On the pavement is a teenage lad texting on his mobile, only a few steps away from the crossing. So what should be going through the drivers mind? Well the driver should anticipate that the lad will step onto the crossing without looking. As a result the driver should have started to slow down in good time so that if the lad does step on we are ready to stop safely without the need for an emergency stop. If the young lad walks past the crossing and doesn’t step on then no harm done. At least you have saved a potential accident by anticipating.
When you take driving lessons with James Lyn School of Motoring, your instructor will work on these skills to ensure that you become a safe and competent driver for life. We provide driving lessons in and around Billingham area including Preston, Linthorpe, Marton, Hemlington, Coulby Newham, Nunthorpe, Ormesby, North Ormesby, Normanby, Eston, Grangetown, South Bank, Cargo Fleet, Port Clarence and Cowpen.
If you wish to find a Driving School in Billingham then please contact us for more details.

What Makes Some Drivers Great?

James Lyn School of Motoring have high standards and good level of commitment. We provide driving lessons in Durham, Billingham, Norton, Stockton on Tees, Hartlepool, Hardwick, Fairfield, Portrack, Middlesbrough, Acklam, Guisborough, Redcar, Grindon, Carlton, Bishopton, Redmarshall, Preston, Linthorpe, Marton, Hemlington, Coulby Newham, Nunthorpe, Ormesby, North Ormesby, Normanby, Eston, Grangetown, South Bank, Cargo Fleet, Port Clarence, Cowpen. Pupils sometimes ask us “What Makes Some Drivers Great?” In this mini series we will cover the attributes needed to being a great driver and we attempt to look at these in the next few posts. There are 6 attributes that you need to be a great driver:

  • Self Discipline
  • Concentration
  • Knowledge
  • Anticipation
  • Attitude
  • Skill

So let’s look at these attributes and lets pick one at random. Let’s start with concentration


Concentration is not being distracted from your any task that you have undertaken in this example, driving a car. Most people who start learning to drive are in the 17 and 18 year old category. Most of them will be doing “A” levels. Therefore if you are concentrating on your forth coming exams instead of your driving then you are likely to make more mistakes You might also be thinking about what you will wear to your friends 18th birthday party or whether your school football team will win the cup this year. It’s alright to think about these things, but not whilst you’re driving.
You may be a parent who has bills to pay or a manager who puts pressure on you to achieve results. Put these out of your mind while you’re driving. A taxi driver might be concerned about whether Arsenal will win the league next year. Again don’t concentrate on that while you’re driving your taxi.
It only takes a split second for an accident to happen. Ask yourself how would you feel if you run over a small child. It’s possible to argue that the child should not be walking around the roads with no supervision, however you could still avoid the accident with good concentration. Try giving yourself a running commentary while you are driving. If you have passengers in the car then they can point out anything you may have missed. You might feel a bit silly commentary driving but you will find that you will start to notice so much more than you did previously.
By concentrating then accidents are less likely to happen
James Lyn School of Motoring will provide you with the skills necessary to improve your driving and make you a safe driver. If you live Billingham, Stockton on Tees, Hardwick, Portrack, Acklam, Redcar, Carlton, Redmarshall, Linthorpe, Hemlington, Coulby Newham, Ormesby, Normanby, Grangetown, Cargo Fleet, Cowpen then please call us for more information about our intensive courses. In fact if you live anywhere in the UK we can arrange local accommodation for you.

James Lyn School of Motoring offer driving lessons in Billingham at an affordable price.

Intensive Driving Courses

James Lyn School of Motoring specialise in manual intensive driving courses sometimes known as; one week driving courses, intensive driving courses, one week intensive driving lessons or one week crash course driving lesson.
Unlike other intensive driving courses we guarantee that we will teach you on a one to one basis (some schools teach two to one or even three to one). For the pupil that means that you will be behind the steering wheel all of the time instead of sharing the lesson with another person. This will give you the best possible chance of passing your driving test first time.
Intensive Driving Courses are suited to pupils who are able to concentrate for long periods of time. The reason for this is that you will be provided with a lot of information in a short period of time. You will probably be driving for many hours per day.
Even though our courses are intensive driving courses, we still aim to teach you to become a safe driver rather than to pass your driving test.
We are proud to have a high 1st time pass rate. Providing you with the skills to make you a safe driver for life.
We are CRB checked and regularly check tested by the Driving Standards Agency to ensure that our standards are up to scratch.

We can offer you the course that will suit the individual. All of our courses are tailor made to your requirements. We can provide intensive courses of 10, 20, 30 or 40 hours.
All pupils are first offered a 2 hour assessment to see if you are suitable for an intensive course. Unfortunately we all learn at different speeds, some faster than others. Our initial assessment of you will help us to gauge how many hours we think that you will need to be ready to take your driving test.
All pupils must have completed their theory test before the course begins as most pupils will be taking their practical driving test at the end of their intensive course.

James Lyn School of Motoring offer driving lessons in Billingham at an affordable price.

Driving Down The Cost of Motoring

A brand new car can cost £5,000 less if you buy it online and prices may fall further when European rules change. Car drivers are slowly warming to the idea of buying a car online tempted by £5,000 savings and legal protection.
In a recent survey of purchasing 14 cars, all but two could be found cheaper online
The survey found five cars offered by online brokers were more than £5,000 below the listed price, and six cars were more than £1,000 cheaper online. A Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI had a saving online of over £2,500.
Richard Headland of Which Car said “The internet is changing the way people are buying cars. Not only can motorists find greater bargains online, they also have better legal rights. The internet has thrown down the gauntlet to car dealerships.”
He also says that on top of huge savings, buying online you get the benefit of “distance-selling” regulations. These regulations apply if you purchase your car on the internet rather than in the showroom. It gives the buyers a seven-day cooling-off period. They can reject the car and get a complete refund. However if the deal is done in a showroom, then you will have no chance to change your mind and get a refund.
Richard Sanders, founder of Drive the Deal (drivethedeal.com), claims to have sold the first new car on the internet in 1998.
Richard Sanders from Drive the Deal sold his first car online in 1998. Since then there has been an increase in people buying online year on year. “I saw the web as a way of quoting to large numbers of people at small cost. That way I could pass on the savings to the consumer. People love the idea of being able to get a quote without any pressure to buy the car from a pushy sales person. Companies such as Drive the Deal have now been joined online by franchised and independent dealers.
Drive the Deal buy a large number of cars from dealers. That way they can pass on the discount they negotiate to the customer. The car is then supplied by a dealer with full warranty. It is exactly the same car that you would have got if you had gone to your local dealership. One online dealer said that business has never been better. Some customers have bought 3 or 4 cars online from the same dealer and say they would never go back to trawling around the showrooms.
“In the face of the recession manufacturers slashed production for the UK market, but demand has remained strong and the industry is struggling to get cars. The discounts are still there but now most bookings we are taking are factory orders.”
The recent changes to the rules as to who can sell cars now means that online brokers can negotiate deals direct from the manufacturer and hence even more savings.

For driving lessons Billingham please contact us at any time.

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    • For new pupils starting in June or July, James Lyn School of Motoring are offering a special offer price of £99 for 10 hours, please ask for terms and conditions.
  • Nervous About Driving?

    • Nervous pupils are welcome. We can provide effective relief from anxiety and nerves using Kinesiology based techniques from a fully qualified therapist.


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